The best time to make French Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the most favourite desserts of every individual of varying ages. July is the month of ice creams. Summer is the best time to talk about it. This is the time when people enjoy having ice creams the most. Moreover, with summer vacations on the corner, parents indulge their children in the art of making ice creams. To make the one of the best French vanilla flavoured ice cream is very easy. It is so easy that you can tag your kids along and make it a fun evening for the kids. Although, this flavor is best to have it as it is, however, kids enjoy it with different toppings. To make the frozen dessert healthy, you can have a bowl of assorted fruits to go with it.

Ice Cream

French vanilla is the easiest flavour to start with and you cannot mess this one up. The following recipe is so easy that even a kid can make it (Nevertheless, adult supervision is always recommended)

To start with the recipe, you will need eight large egg yolks. No doubt eight egg yolks sounds a lot, however, this is one of the ingredient to make the ice cream super rich and creamy. This is also one of the differences between a regular vanilla ice cream and French vanilla ice cream. The second ingredient you will need ¾ cup of sugar, followed by 11/2 cups of whole cream and 21/2 cups of heavy milk, a small pinch of sea salt, one vanilla bean and finally two tea spoon of the extract of vanilla.

Firstly, you need to whisk half of your sugar into the eggs. You will need to whisk both of the ingredients thoroughly. This is followed by adding of milk, heavy cream, your remaining sugar and the pinch of sea salt into the content of the sauce pan. Also, you will need to add the vanilla bean into the sauce pan by slicing it and running your knife through it to collect the seeds. You will need to add the seeds along with its outer covering in to the pan. Heat the pan to the point where it barely starts to boil and at this point you will need to add the vanilla extract. Now add the whisked eggs into the content of the sauce pan and heat it at a very low flame. Then pass the content through a sieve and let your ice cream maker do the rest.



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